Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why Use a Recruiter in a Buyer's Market?

Let's face it - there are a large quantity of resumes on the market. This holds true for resumes of lawyers as well. If you were trying to attract the largest number of candidates your search would be easy. However, if you are trying to hire that one professional who not only meets all of your technical requirements but fits into your organization and creates excellent relationships among the senior executives, the large number of resumes won't help you - it will make your job of finding that right person even harder. Enter the professional recruiter. You will save a whole lot of time by using a recruiter who knows your market and understands the type of professional you seek to hire. Part of a good recruiter's job is to screen candidates and make sure only appropriate people are entered into the interview process. The screening process is made effective by how much information a client gives the recruiter. How much is your time worth? How important is it to hire the right candidate?

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